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Cart-Desi – Shopping cart disinfection

✓ The new hygienic standard for supermarkets, retail stores and everyone who uses shopping carts
✓ Disinfection of contaminated shopping carts on the front and handle
✓ Remove germs, bacteria and viruses quickly and efficiently
✓ Protect your employees and customers

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3 steps to a safe shopping experience

How it works:

  1. Push the shopping cart slowly into the machine, the cart will now be cleaned automatically
  2. Disinfect your hands (optional available)
  3. Pull out the shopping cart slowly and go shopping with a good feeling

Protect your customers and employees with the CART-DESI

Retail customers and store staff are faced with growing concerns about dirty and contaminated shopping carts, not only since the spread of COVID-19. Shopping carts are covered with harmful contaminants such as bacteria, viruses and germs.

With the new disinfection machine for shopping carts from CP FoodTec, retailers now have the opportunity to offer their customers a safe shopping experience for themselves and their families. When you provide your customers and employees with a clean, disinfected shopping cart, you show them that you care about their health. This leads to increased customer and employee satisfaction.

Product features and accessories

The Cart-Desi is available in different versions. The basic model can be equipped with the following extensions:

  1. Cart-Desi with hand disinfection
  2. Cart-Desi with hand disinfection and turnstile

In addition, the machine can be customized individually. For instance, the machine offers additional space for advertising (3 options). Moreover, the Cart-Desi can be equipped with various accessories such as a disinfection mat so that the rolls are also disinfected.

Technical specifications:

Cart-Desi basic model:
Measurements: Width 770 mm x Depth 900 mm x Height1500 mm
Disinfectant: 7,5 g (adjustable)
Power: 48 watts (can change when functions are purchased)